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We can design and deliver research projects to provide the insight you need, in support of funding bids, programme design or evaluation.  We use a mixture of qualitative and quantitative methods, as best suits each project. We have expertise in survey design and management, interviewing, managing focus groups, statistical analysis and data management. We are familiar with a wide range of sources and can often identify and analyse existing datasets, reducing the need for original research. We ensure that each research project has a clear mandate, objectives and timescales, derived from the client brief and finalised at project inception stage. We are GDPR compliant and follow the Market Research Society Code of Conduct.

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Consultation with current and potential stakeholders, user groups and customers is vital if projects and services are to meet their needs.  Many investors and funding bodies require it as part of project and programme development.  We design and deliver consultation tailored to the needs of each case, ensuring that it generates useful data and information that is pertinent to the objectives. We do this through a mixture of methods, including surveys, interviews, focus groups, and creative tools such as journaling, video diaries, word maps and comment walls.

Analyzing the data


Evaluation is vital part of the feedback loop: how do you know if your project has achieved its objectives and what could be done more efficiently and effectively if you don’t evaluate it?  Funding bodies usually require an evaluation and many of them, such as the National Lottery Heritage Fund, publish their own guidance as to how they would like it done. We help clients evaluate projects, programmes, events, performance against their business plan and the impact of introducing new policies.  We select the data gathering and analysis methods to best suit each case, and make clear and pertinent recommendations.  We ensure that the funding body’s reporting requirements are met.

Bullet Journal

Project management

Project management is an essential part of business practice, especially with a new and/or temporary venture. We are experienced project management professionals, applying PRINCE2 principles in order to ensure a project meets its objectives. This includes ensuring the project has a realistic plan, and effectively managing budgets, timescale, deliverables and tasks. 

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Bid development and writing

Bid development starts with having a clear understanding of your project’s purpose and how it relates to the criteria of each potential funding source: if you know exactly what you are trying to achieve, what the benefits will be and who needs to be involved, you are in a good position to identify a realistic funding source and to develop and persuasive bid.  We have helped develop successful bids to a variety of funding sources, including the National Lottery Heritage Fund, the European Regional Development Fund, the UK Regional Growth Fund and other UK Government sources. We can advise about eligibility, the scope and focus of potential bids, conditions and requirements.  We can also write funding bids, working closely with the client.

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Writing & document management

The usefulness of any report depends upon the clarity of its writing and visual presentation.  Ste is a skilled writer, having served as a ministerial speechwriter and ghost writer, and written many published reports, articles and speeches. He conveys complex and detailed information simply. 

Ste writes all of our project reports, working with the project team in each case.  Each report includes an executive summary, specific recommendations and a bibliography or list of sources. They are illustrated with charts and graphics, and (where appropriate) original photography.

Ste has also edited many reports on behalf of clients, usually managing to reduce the word count by around one third.

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