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We operate our business to achieve the maximum possible "social value".  This means trying to achieve the maximum social, economic and environmental well-being in everything we do, and avoiding causing harm.  We do this by:

  • Procuring local goods and services where possible and practicable

  • Using public transport as standard, and only using our own vehicles when public transport would take far too long

  • Choosing goods based on sustainability, such as recycled paper and plastic-free packaging

  • Recycling paper, card, glass, plastic, ink cartridges, batteries and other items

  • Use non-toxic cleaning products

  • Using technology to prevent unnecessary travel, such as video conferencing

  • Using energy efficient devices and bulbs, and ensuring that unused items are switched off

  • Paying all associates and casual staff more than the living wage

  • Procuring goods which are themselves socially responsible, such as UTZ certified coffee

We support the following charities:

  • St. Helens Mind.  Ste is a regular fundraiser and a former volunteer Trustee.

  • St. Helens Foodbank. We organise regular gigs to promote the foodbank, and collect & deliver donated items.

  • Teardrops Supporting Your Community. Ste organises fundraising through his work with St. Helens Town AFC.

  • Friends of the Lancashire Infantry Museum. Ste has been a volunteer guide and we do occasional pro bono work for the museum.

  • English Heritage (as Members and donors).

  • Project Jonah. Ang is a trained marine mammal medic, volunteering to aid stranded whales and dolphins.

We support St. Helens Town AFC., our local non-league football club, through sponsorship and volunteering: Ste is the current Chair and Treasurer, and works with the club's charity partners, St. Helens Mind and Teardrops Supporting Your Community.


We support walking as an accessible exercise, and for its mental health benefits.  Ste founded 'Beating the Bounds St. Helens' in 2017, a 43 mile walking challenge around the Borough's boundary. It has taken place every year since, involving more than 300 people and raising thousands of pounds for local charities. You can find out more on Twitter: @WalktheWalk950


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